What is “Vection”, the key to the development of the virtual space “Metaverse”? – Part 1

Recently, the virtual space “Metaverse” is being researched daily with the aim of putting it into practical use. Many companies around the world are trying to find various business opportunities in this field.

In order to understand how this metaverse works, there are certain concepts that you must understand. It’s vection, a phenomenon where you feel like you’re moving even though you’re not, and if you’ve ever ridden something like Disneyland’s Star Tours. However, many people may be hearing about this vection for the first time.

We have therefore asked Dr Takeharu Senoo, Associate Professor at Kyushu University, who has conducted numerous researches in this field, to give us detailed explanation about this concept. Although it involves some specialized content, please rest assured that it is presented in an easy-to-read manga format by Mr. Tatsuhiko, from Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University, who is actively engage in the field of manga.

This time, we asked Dr. Takeharu Seno, an associate professor at Kyushu University who has extensive research experience in this field, to explain this vection in detail. Although this is a somewhat technical topic, please rest assured that Mr. Tatsuhiko, a manga artist, graduated from Faculty of Design, Kyushu University, who is actively engage in the field of manga. He has summarized Dr. Seno’s story in an easy-to-read manga format.

If you understand vection, you will be able to develop various business ideas in the metaverse.

九州大学准教授 妹尾武治氏准の画像

Takeharu Seno
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Design at Kyushu University

Writer. Born in 1979, Chiba, Japan; currently lives in Fukuoka. Graduated in 2002 from the Faculty of Letters at the University of Tokyo. Engaged in works about psychology.

“A Psychological Experiment About Me-It’s Not Your Fault If things Didn’t Go Well” (Kobunsha) was published in November, 2022. His other works include “The Future is Set, Individual Will, etc. Doesn’t Exist. ~Psychological Determinism~”, “Amazing Psychology”, “The Seven Laws of Advertising Sales”, “Manga: What is Man? What is Man” (column writing), etc.

His latest publications include the narration of “The Mystery of the Spiritual Self” (Gentosha) and his personal serial, “My Psychology“, and others.

Manga Artist

Born in 1988 in Fukuoka. After graduating from Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University, he embarked his career as a manga artist in his hometown of Fukuoka. Major works include “Natsuiro Kiseki” (2012), “Voting Game” (2014), “From Country Girl ‘Trianthology’ – Alice in the Land of the Three-Faced Mirror’” (2016), “Scarecrow Bathed in the Sunshine” (2019), and so on.

Official Twitter account: @pasutaya

What is “Vection”, the key to the development of the virtual space “Metaverse”? – Part 1

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