What is “Vection”, the key to the development of the virtual space “Metaverse”? – Part 2

Every day, research is advancing, and many companies around the world are exploring business opportunities in the virtual space “Metaverse.” One key concept to understand its workings is vection.

In order to spread awareness about vection to a wider audience, this work, authored by the vection researcher, Dr. Takeharu Seno, and manga artist Tatsuhiko, is a story where Professor Seno embarks on a journey of the heart to recall the catalyst that led to the initiation of this research.

Where the journey of the heart will lead remains to be seen. Let’s read the part2!

What is “Vection”, the key to the development of the virtual space “Metaverse”? – Part 2

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What is real(英語版)後編24
What is real(英語版)後編25
What is real(英語版)後編26

Produce: Takeharu Seno, Tatsuhiko
Support: Naoto Sato

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